Wolfgang Beer, Germany

Meine Homepage macht derzeit Urlaub.

This picture shows me in height about 3500m, going out from aeroplane in 4000-4500m. Skydiving is absolut fantastic in feeling!
[Dropzone: Gera (Germany) Foto: C.K.]
Here you can find a lot of checks in mathematics, physics, informatics and other things in education and science.
You can also read more about me and enjoy a lot of pictures.
I'm also the webmaster from www.doerffelgymnasium.de. That's my department.
Here you can see our skydivers-club-page "FSC Thüringia e.V." in Schöngleina, Germany.
This small page shows you our sports-club "SV '94 Korbussen e.V." in Korbussen, Germany.

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